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In the control Room

recording equipment

2 pre amps -NEVE 1073LB

equalizer -NEVE 1073LB 

2 pre amps -NEVE 88R LB

3 pre amps -API 312

1 pre amp -API 512

2 pre amps -AML EZ 1073

4 pre ampsQUAD EIGHT

4 pre amps -  RME

2 Converter -  Apogee AD-16

converter - Apogee DA-16

yamaha rev100

Audient NERO


Mackie HR824


Cubase 11


Gibson SG 

Fender Precision American Professional

Gibson J-35

In the studio


Guitar amp' Orange AD30 

Guitar amp' Fender Bassman 70's

Guitar amp' Marshall JTM45

Bass amp' 410 AMPEG V4B + Eden

Marshall amplifier 250 mg

Drum set TAMA Starclassic bubinga birch

Digital mixer  A&H QU-PAC

Electric piano ROLAND RD 88

Speaker amplification system EAW


Sony C-38B

Shure SM7B

Shure sm57 Beta


Sennheiser MKH 418

pair  beyerdynamic M-88  

A pair of beyerdynamic M-130 

beyerdynamic M-160 

beyerdynamic M-201 TG 

pair MD 421 Sennhiezer

4090 pair DPA

pair DPA 4091

D112 Egg AKG 

Audix M6

Rode M5 matched pair

Rode Nt1

pair Shure sm57

pair Shure sm58

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